Dear Forza Parents and Friends,

Please help me congratulate Omar Ontiveros, Forza Senior Player, on his signing with RGV Torros, USL League. This is Omar first PRO Contract in the US.

One of Omar's dream is to play Professional for his hometown team, RGV Torros. Omar has been a student at Forza for 9+ years. Omar story is such an inspiration one. Omar had one of the most hardship tales in his youth career in Forza History. Just about every single coach and Club already gave up on him. Omar was always the bench warmer. He was a LATE DEVELOPER. He did not hit his growth spurt until he was 14 years old. He always was a little HEAVY SET, SLOWER ON HIS FIRST STEP. SAME COMMENT FROM EVERY SINGLE COACH:

"He is too big!"

"He is too slow!"

"He is too quiet!"


But they never saw the character in this young man. They never saw the soccer intelligence and the calmness in his demeaner. They never take time to see he had work ethics, discipline, relentless, the Coaches player, willing to do whatever the Coach ask!

I had many serious discussions with Martin Ontiveros Senior about Omar. Omar wanted to quit soccer multiple time. He questioned himself because he entrusted all these NON BELIEVERS that are so called coaches at all stages of his youth career!!! I am so proud to say that Forza Support system and I was able to be there for Omar and many other "BEATEN DOGS OFF THE STREET!" I always get so emotional when I tell these kids stories. I am being very politically correct and have to hold back words, BITE MY TONGUE. I take it very personal and my students eventually become my adopted children. Only their parents and I know their Story.

Omar and Martin Ontiveros played the last 2 years in Europe, under the guidance of Coach Dino and Klaus Topmoller. I am so grateful for the Topmollers to accept our 2 boys into their family and mentor them through the Professional seasons in Europe. They developed so much and gained so much experience in these past 2 years.

I also want to thank Family Friend, Miguel and Martha Lopez, for always being there for Omar and Martin and the Ontiveros Family! For all your support and sacrifices all these years.

Now Omar has just achieved another milestones in his soccer career and setting his short term goals to establish himself as a contributor to RGV Torros. I know Omar is also setting his eyes to climb up the ladder to the Houston Dynamo First Team under God's guidance.

I and the Forza Family is so Proud of you SON! Keep working hard daily, always proving yourself to your Coaches and your teammates. The future is bright for you. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

LOVE & PROUD Soccer Freak