Emma Mele

Forza is a special place and David Dinh is a special coach. Great coaches can be a rare find but he is one of them. David is the best technical trainer I have ever met. I am certain that there is no better place to learn the game of soccer. 

Besides being very knowledgeable in the game of soccer and being good at training players etc, David cares about his players beyond the field. He encourages us to do well in school and gets on us if he finds out our grades aren’t what they should be. His criticisms are straight up and say what needs to be said without being unnecessarily harsh. I believe he is a great interpreter of people and has the finesse needed to deal with children of all ages. The atmosphere at Forza is competitive but not hostile, nurturing but not soft and a balance of serious fun. Each person, especially in the ODP sessions, is there because they want to be, are hard workers and are fully invested in their soccer education. David doesn’t stand for anything less and doesn’t invite anything less to sessions. He runs sessions that allow players of varying skill to train together in a way that helps the less developed players be pushed and reap the benefits of training with more skilled players but doesn’t hold the more exceptional players back and while pushing them to be better than they currently are.

I have trained with David for six years and can honestly say that I would not be the player I am without him. Now starting my sophomore year of college, looking back the only thing I would change is training with him more. What is different about David’s training is that it is more precise, serious, professional, intellectual and simply better than anywhere else I know of. I plan to continue training with David throughout my career as a college athlete, I believe in his philosophy and strongly urge anyone who is serious about his or her soccer education to train with him.

Emma Mele
Age 19
Plays for Louisiana Tech