Forza Sports Academy Select program is for players aged 11U to 17U. The program was designed for players who are fully passionate about soccer and seek a competitive environment. Forza provides a challenging program that gives an all-encompassing education of the game. Forza has designed an amazing development program which turns talented young players into individuals playing at the top levels. The players with the right mental aptitude and the grit to work hard through a long, difficult journey are the ones that achieve this accomplishment. Omar Ontiveros, Martin Ontiveros, Orrin Mckinzie Gaines, Mickey Lopez, Walker Humes, Tucker Humes, Anthony Valera "JOJO", Roberto Hernandez, Edson Silva, Nathaniel Adamolekun, are a few of the national and international stars that have successfully completed the Forza program.

Coach David Dinh has created the Forza methodology which helps players develop the right mental aptitude, technical and tactical skills, character, speed, confidence, and understanding of the game. This system develops players prepared compete at collegiate and professional levels.

Our Select teams will compete in the different leagues. 11U will be competing at WDDOA and we will be applying for WDDOA status for 2007 - 2002 boys and girls, and USC for ages groups 2006 - 2002 boys and girls. Select teams will also attend tournaments throughout the state of Texas.
Forza Select players could also be given the chance to travel to Europe or South America (Holland, Germany, London, Italy, Spain, and Denmark, and Peru are destinations previously visited). During international travel, players get to participate in invitational tournaments providing premium competition against the professional youth academies of the most reputable training centers in youth soccer. During these trips, players receive a unique opportunity to meet the scouters of the professional youth academies getting them one step closer to living the dream of their life!