Jessica Rightmer

I trained with David from the age of nine until I was twenty one years old. David has a passion/desire/hunger/thirst to assist players in reaching their full potential when it comes to foot skills. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not have played collegiate soccer for a school in the SEC if it wasn't for David. His attitude and intensity is contagious. David challenged me physically as well as mentally on the field. I believe I am not as naturally physically fit as everyone thinks. I become fit quickly because I give absolutely every ounce of energy in my body every time I train. I honestly don't know how to work out any differently because that is how David taught me to push myself. I cannot think of a single fitness session that I was not seeing spots and slightly stumbling when I would walk to the car to leave. It's not about how long you train, but about how hard you push yourself. If you're mentally tough, your body will exceed what you thought were your body's limits. I learned this because I was one of David's students. He loves all dimensions of the game but also genuinely cares about his students. He has been a tremendous blessing to my whole family. Jesus knew I needed David to get the place I am now. I owe David more than I can give him, but I will always be a supporter and member of the Forza family. I plan to help out Forza in the future in whatever way I am able.


Jessica (Rightmer) Burford B.S.
Doctor of Audiology Student
Auburn University