Joshua Garcia

I began my training with David at the mere age of 8. On my first day of training he brought out a bucket full of tennis balls. It was at that moment I realized that this guy took soccer training to a whole new level. “If you can do it with a tennis ball then doing it with a soccer ball will be a piece of cake”, he stated as he dumped the balls out onto the floor. “Trapping a tennis ball out of the air is as easy as riding a bike”. What he meant by this is that you use a pedaling motion, exactly like riding a bike, to control the ball. Right before he dismissed us from the training session, David articulated a quote that I still live by to this day; “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice perfect makes perfect”. I told my mom about all the fun I had at training when I got home, and insisted that she take me again the next morning. A key aspect as to why David’s training is so effective is that he has the ability to make it fun. And if I’ve come to learn anything over my career in soccer, it’s that you play your best when you’re having fun.

While David is an excellent trainer and can get you to whatever level of soccer your heart desires, the thing that I’ll cherish most about him is our friendship and mentoring that he’s provided me for the past 11 years. Forza is an excellent place for you to grow as a soccer player, but more importantly, a wholesome individual. Pay close attention to the things that David tells you because more often than not, they can be applied to your life outside of soccer as well as in it. Over the years I’ve come to call Forza my second home, in which I’ve met many of my best friends. Forza is by far the best thing that’s happened to me, and I’m lucky to have met such an amazing individual like David. Much like Olive Garden, “When you’re here, you’re family”.

Thank you so much for everything David!

Development before results!

Joshua Garcia

Committed to The University of Texas at Dalla