Forza Sports Academy is proud to introduce the Women’s Collegiate Prep Program.  The program is designed for U16 & U17 (2002/2003) players with the goal of obtaining scholarships to play collegiate level soccer. Unlike other programs offered in the area, FSA's Women's Collegiate Prep Program is designed to cut travel time and expense without sacrificing an elite level of play.  As with all FSA programs, correct technical player development will be strongly emphasized.  

The Women's Collegiate Prep Program is broken into Three(3) tiers: Training, Weekly Games, & College Showcases. Each tier is designed to continually develop players and prepare them to play and receive a college scholarship:


Training: Every player will be provided 3 trainings per week led by FSA elite training staff. Every week builds upon the previous week to develop every player to fullest of their abilities.

Weekly Games: Players will have weekly games with the Millennium Women's League allowing for elite level game play without weekly travel other than within the Austin area. These games are designed to keep players competitive and ready for the College Showcases.

College Showcases: Every player will also attend 4 to 6 College Showcases. Each showcase is handpicked by our Forza Senior players as the best showcase to attend and get exposure to College coaches.


As a benefit to our program, all our players WILL be allowed to play for their High School teams if they choose to.  The Women's Collegiate Prep players will also have opportunities to train and learn in Europe and Mexico with Women's Professional Clubs.

Women's Collegiate Prep Program Fees 
WCPP cost of the program is one time payment of $2,350 or payment plan of $2,450 per year  (payment plan of 10 monthly payments of $245). This includes 12 months competitive, educational and technical training with 3 trainings per week, FSA will pay for 2 College Showcases, and weekly games. 

Benefits for U16 & U17 Showcase Team (2002 & 2003)
-Reduced traveling time and expenses
-Compete weekly games at Millennium Women's League
-Exposure to Colleges via College Showcases
-Training 3x per week
-Players are allowed to participate with their High School team
-Opportunity to train and learn from professional academy teams to include coaches in Europe and Mexico
-Quality team training & technical Training 
-Year round soccer program

U14 & U15 Girls (2004 & 2005) Pre-WCPP
FSA has also designed an amazing development program for U14 & U15 Girls which will prepare them for the Women's Collegiate Prep Program. A strong emphasis will be placed on technical and mental development of the players. This program is the perfect transition into Forza's WCPP. Fees

Benefits  U14 & U15 Girls:
-Reduced traveling time and expenses
-Compete at WDDOA, USC or Millennium League
-Train 3x per week
-Quality team training & technical Training
-Year round soccer program
-Opportunity to train and learn from professional academy teams to include coaches in Europe and Mexico