For the entirety of my eighteen-year life, one dream has dominated my everyday actions, my thought process and ultimately my overall perception of life. The mere dream of becoming a professional soccer player used to shape the decisions that I made on a daily basis and has ultimately molded me into the person that I currently am today. In a lifetime, there are a handful of decisions that play a major role in directing a person down the path that they aspire to walk on; and as I sit here writing this testimonial as a Vfl Wolfsburg player, it is manifest that my decision to train with David Dinh at Forza has put me on the path that leads directly to where my goal lies.

I truly do not believe that any testimonial ever written about David Dinh or Forza can ever truly encompass every special detail that the Forza environment possesses. I began training at Forza at thirteen years old with a dream, and that dream has now been transformed into the reality that I am living today. Five years removed from the day I began training at Forza, I have made new goals for myself in regards to the sport of soccer; and I can genuinely say that each session that I partake in at Forza propels me closer to achieving these goals. The overall family atmosphere that Forza possesses is truly special and unrivaled and is a valuable commodity for anyone who has lofty aspirations in the game of soccer. Being comfortable in a training environment is a vital aspect to any players’ development and new Forza players are seamlessly added to the family without any hiccups. Training at Forza will help any player with aspirations for the game take massive steps towards achieving whatever the goal may be.  

As a player and as a trainer, David Dinh is truly exceptional. It is wildly unlikely to find a trainer who devotes fifteen hours out of a day to train his players but David does this multiple times on a weekly basis. David is a self proclaimed “Soccer Freak,” and I believe that this phrase is genuinely accurate when describing David. David Dinh can instill unquantifiable amounts of passion and love for soccer in just one session. As a person, David sticks out from the rest of the soccer community when you see how genuinely he cares for all of his players. David’s goal isn’t just to develop the best soccer players that he can, but he is also focused on developing the best human beings that he possibly can.

Thank you for everything that you have done for myself and my family throughout the years David!

Orrin McKinze Gaines II
Vfl Wolfsburg U-19, U-23, & and begin to be called up to Train and Play with the 1st Team

(as of 7/20/15)

When I was 13 years old, I began training at Forza in search of reaching my fullest soccer potential and to fulfill the lofty goals that I have for myself. And although I’m not there yet; four years later, I can genuinely say that each session that I partake in at Forza helps me to get even closer to obtaining my goals.

Words can’t even begin to describe David as a trainer and as a person. As a trainer, David is obsessed with helping each and every one of his players reach their fullest potential. As a person, David is one of the most selfless, caring individuals that the world has to offer. At Forza, and individual who takes part in the sessions run by David will not only learn exceptionally valuable soccer skills, but important life skills as well.

The environment that Forza possesses is also a valuable commodity for a player who has high aspirations. Forza is filled with players who have lofty soccer and life ambitions. Any player who wants to become a better soccer player will find unrivaled success in the Forza environment.

Thank you so much for everything that you do for me and my family, you truly are amazing David!

McKinze Gaines
Committed to UCLA
Future PRO